Friday, April 13, 2007

S2 n Me..

My sweetest pal 4 life.. Suruchi..
Very gud at playin pranks..(Thts true.. aftr-all shez my student..[8)]).
Her fav song.. " Ding-Dong.. Mona Sing a song.. "
(Well I can see 2 ppl smilin readin dis).

It was mid-nite ..22nd march o7..
I n dhosi..inside d guest house.. god knows wht went wrong wid us.. came out ofour room.. chillin out in d garden.. no fear.. nothin.. all alone.. gosshhh.. enjoyin a photo session.
Never knew.. we can 've life's most unforgetable moments out thr.
We three as a team.. had lots of fun..gained lot much informations.
But ya.. must say.. Abhishek.. wud never-ever 4get our high-level jokes... [:D]...
S2 n me had a fight too.. ab u know na.. its hard to resist wid goody-goody ppl like me 4 long... But all was fine by d time.. I've got a big heart ..u see..[;)]..


Abhishek said...

yeah right Monika, I will never ever forget those high level jokes :p waisey not fair Monika Suruchi...dhosi...S2
me, dilli...chiki...
u dinn mention ur name haa!!! chalo if u forcing me i do the honor 'Monik'+'a'..alias..Moni'c'a :p

Salman A. said...

hi there.......keep posting stuff like this.......i love reading such blogs....rarely i get blogs that keep me going till the end...and for sure i will subscribe urs...well itz kinda informal way of writing but ur fine with it...itz info age so nothin' is informal ...dont stop here u'll become popular soon....keep it up!!!!!

shivbhakta said...

hi great blog

suruchi shinde said...
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Suruchi Shinde said...

Neways rite said chikki.. high level jokes kabhi samaj me nahi aane wale......well it's jst due to our 99.9 frequency that we both had such a grt time out there in rorkee..
{though poor suruchi had to listen some lectures from dadi ma }..
Mon u actually acted the same way yaar I mean so possesive dear...

leave that but I must say the time we guys had spent there was the most cherishing one and plz do not forget ur ding dong ok..
{chikki I'am not kidding but thats the truth... there is someone.. u don't know ?? [:D]}

also that u have really done a gud piece of work and must say not less that the one of VIKRAM SETH