Friday, April 13, 2007


Story begins here..
Year 2047..

Well in yr 2047.. in his old age.. was scolded by his oldie-goldie(better-half..)..for jst sittin n doin nothin. So he planned to make his sweety happy. Got up n started clearlin up d book shelves. Suddenly.. a book tumbled down on his head.. (Dont worry no memory loss..[:D]).. And a leaf came out flyin . Tht was d frdship leaf.. gifted to him by me n S2.
Mr. Dilliwal.. now in flashback..(40 years back) tellin abt d trip to IIT-Roorkee in yr 2007..March 23rd to 26th to his oldie-goldie n grandchildren....[:D][:D]

There was a guy named Abhishek.. was a total fuse. But a computer maniac. Got selected for presentin pprs n ideaz in one of d IIT.. (Thanx to his frd Monika.. who used her brain to write all tht stuff in d ppr to make it reach d finals..[8)]) .
Once while roamin wid his n S2.. (S2--Ohhoo..Suruchi Shinde.. arre baba..even shez in d story.) Ya.. so while freakin ard d campus of tht IIT.. S2 found few dry-out leaves. Thn we both (Me n Dilli..) were made to pick one each 4 ourself. Tht was a token n memorable sign of our frdship...But since chicki..(Ohh I mean Abhishek).. was a fuse.. didnt follow d utility of those stuffs. Yup..even tht was true.. tht he was a lucky chap(Lucky.. wonderin how..?? Well a guy in company of 2 beautiful gal's .. wht if its jst.. 4 d sake of presentation...[;)]).
Thn..I n S2 made him realise tht importance of those leaves..To keep it safe as a part of golden days as sweet memory. He followed us in a min only n agreely accepted d leaf. Poor fellow.. waise bhi.. he was not left wid any other option even.[/)]
Had a gr8t time .. made many frds.. n since we..Me N S2.. were Mr. Dilliwal.. had to control his butterflies inside his tommy.. jst to be deccent thruout d journey. [;)]
Thn guess wht.. Dilliwal.. was made to wake up.. He was shocked to find himself in d bus.. infact in d clg bus S.V.I.T.S.,Indore.. n tht was yr 2007 April 12th..II mid-terms.. [:O].. Goosh.. always sleepin.. n day dreamin..[:D]


Abhishek said...

acha ;;) so in 2047 I would go so oldie haa... aur whass this... made a story of it n that to describing what i did... searched for leaf???.. waisey u havent given my leaf back, its still with u :p.... ok this was my story haa now guys I tell u the full story whaa happened nxt ;)... now in 2047 when I saw the names they were something like this... Monti.. Suruchi... Abhishek... (things get faint with yrs :D )I started scratchin my head now who'z this Monti in this.. o yeah may be one from those 2 beautiful girls :p.. arey hell yeah i was with 2 beautiful girls... n this was not my dream :p

Monika Agrawal said...

Well Chiki.. shall I make u remember who was Monti.. infact..Monika.. "Ms. Monika Agrawal"..Ab toh sab kucch yaad aa gaya na aapko..[:P]..

rohit said...

first thing which impressed me abt this gal is her expressive power.She is very gud in english..and also very imaginative and creative.Abt Her blog :watevr she has written is very intersting and one can spent his\her time reading alll the biggies..gud work monika...oops sorry..miss CoQuEtTiNg FaY....

Syed said...

Bechara Abhishek ... Looks like he was tied up :p