Tuesday, September 4, 2007

BaCk To SchooooOOOOOooooolllLLL .... Yeah..!!! (Confession Time)

This post is basically for my Mom n my friend's mom too.. Mom we both r very sorry for our mischievous acts ..(done during school times ).Hope u 4give us. Actually Mom ..I'm really sorry.. n this is d best way to apologize but see my frd.. no regrests.. lol :D :D... Stop it Taz.. I'm serious while writtin al these down.
Wel dis notion of apology came in mind.. while I was surfing thru various music channel n I came across a video clip of "PTKK" .. tht reminded me of my notoriousness .
(Well don't panic so much.. u'l get to know al abt PTKK.. need to go thru my confession letter.. :D :D.. Oops wrong gesture.. man I'm really sorry ..frm bottom of my heart. )

So Mom ..here d story begins.
It was year 2001 .. wen I was in 9th std. ( not tht small even.. ;) ) Yeah quiet small to do al these craps..
U n pa were out of Indore n my dear big B .. struggling hard to score (aftral Engg. got very tough since my brother got into it.)
Now scene was such .. I poor baby (Home Alone :P) .. gets a call frm her very beloved n precious frd TAZ (Actually in skul time, ga'l finds her frd to be sum1 no less thn an ANGEL.. so was I.)
She asked me to cum 4 a movie .(hey 2001 is not sum BC period.. tht time Regal n Sapna Sangeeta(Inox now ..its new version)..were Indorian's favourite freaking junctions. )
I told her my situation..n regreted for not joinin her on d mission to excitement. (Though I myself wanted to go n watch d movie.. basic reason was.. its controversies.. for certifying it as 'U/A' .. now I got to understand these tracts to make ur business grow ..lol).
Poor Taz failed to make me agree 4 d movie.. She dropped down d phone. I was very angry wid ownself 4 hurtin my Angel.. I was wonderin.. sumhow I cud make up her mood.
Know wht.. my frd was my copy.. she didnot loose faith.. called me bac stating tht few more classmates (read as Saheliya) r interested too.. to join us in dis expedition..
Bravooooooo.... :-). But thn.. I being a perfect daughter..(com'on every1 tries to be .. dont laugh..).. felt uneasy to leave d house widout permission..(wel.. no doubt.. I was sure not to get their permission 4 d movie even ..tht too PTKK.. neverrrrr... :-(... n also I was left at home 4 security reasons too.. hey hey.. home security.. pity me.. (wen a 9th std ga'l is too small to step out of house widout notifying.. how she can be left alone to take care of d house.. wht if any robber comes n robs d house.. thn wht..????)
Taz kept trying tht sumhow, I say 'yes'.. (Now who'l tell her tht me too diein to watch d movie :p..n not only her.). She even convinced me tht we'll be bac b4 my parents drop bac into home.(Ya 4got to tell u.. my mom n pa went out 4 a religious ceremony early morning n were to be bac by evenin 7pm) so had lot much time.. n 12 noon show was d best ever time we cud spend ..watchin PTKK.. wow man. .I was flyin in air wid comely thoughts (felt 4 d 1st time. .tht yeah me growin..).She even told me tht she gonna lie to her mom too(her parents were here only.. but see how brave is my Angel... Luv u babes 4 tht :-*..) ..
Like a gud frd. .I finally said yes.. (aftral who wont be happy). It was 10am in d wall clock.. had 1 n1/2 hrs to dress like princess..(as if I was abt to leave 4 my own movie premier..lol )
Thank god to technology.. tht time thr was no fashion of catching elements called "MOBILES".. So had no fear of being caught .
Now as decided we met at Regal Square at 11:30am. God.. tht was so scary ..she came wid her mom.. my face jst turned pale.. coz thr were no other frds of ours.. jst she n me.. I was gettin buried ..wished if earth cud crack up to engulf me in.. :-??... n on top a bullet of question fired on me.. wen I greeted her Mom.. 'Namaste Aunty'.. Where are Rashi N Swati..?? (God ..now whoz Rashi n Swati.. only these 2 might 've known themselves.. ).B4 I cud open my mouth to spell out few words. .my angel saved me..(I know.. she saved herself.. huh).. She said.. " Mom u go.. both r on their way .. Rite Monika.. ?? (Felt like hitting her down 4 her lie to call me dis way..).. But thn controllin my emotions.. I gave a sweet smile.
Aunt left her on d square n went off. .Now save Taz frm me.. (y d hell she lied to me.. I was her best frd. .n she my Angel. .Y didnt she made me d part of dis play well in advance).But she cud read my face.. n said sorry b4 I cud bust out..so sweet :-).
It was already 10min wastage in tht useless conversation.. n PTKK excitement was killin me.. so we both went to buy d tickets. I was jst lookin ard.. hidin myself.. (coz it does happen.. wen u r out dis way widout ur parent's concern.. sum1 is likely to see u n catch u... Thank god dis doesnt happened to me tht day.. ). Wen we were abt to reach d ticket counter.. sum1 called us frm bac.. "Sunno.. ye toh baddo ki picture hai na.. kya bacche isse dekh sakte hai.. "
We turned bac wid white face to see tht fellow.. goosh.. a 45 yr old stranger man askin us.. n look wht he had done.. He questioned us so loudly tht whole crowd had thr eyes on us (felt like criminals.. al eyes on u.. n u r exposed.. ) .Hell !!! Screamed my frd. . 'No Idea Uncle.. n we r not kids '.. (No idea uncle was gud enuff .. but y d hell she said 'We r not kids'.. aftral we were.. ). I was quite sure not to get d ticket coz tht ticket wala (moron) was an active spy in d conversation. But still.. he gave us 2 tickets.. Wow man.. now it was confirm tht we'l get to see d movie 4 sure.. It was 5 mins left to enter for our 12-3 wala show.. me n she ..both were dancin (wel not really..dancin wid happiness.. tk it as a gesture man.. lol)..
But tel u..those 5 mins were d terrific ones.. A stupid, silly, cheap,useless,creep (actually al these abuses n many more I had learnt frm my angel only.. he he he.. baby thanx 4 tht.. dont give me dis angry look while readin dis.. ) started starring us..(actually her.. coz she was much more excited thn me).. He followed us thruout d hall(though hall was not tht enuff big even).. Troubled her.. oops us.. too much. Sumhow we manage to ignore him as if we were not affected.. (but we were)..Wht was gud in him was his fair color :P .. n nothin else.. (Oops sorry Taz.. we r here 4 movie only).
Wen it was time to enter in.. a ticket checker pointed few kids who were insistin to enter in.. Man he kicked those kids out.. (Were we d nexx in queue to be kicked off ??? ) .. I do take tensions.. n other tension which was killin me was for my parents. .wht if they get to know al these.. I'l be dead 4 sure.
But as usual again nothin happened.. we got d entry .. n finally.. climbin 4 a floor.. we were inside d hall... Ooooo.. so dark inside.. n PTKK.. was a thrilling experience.
We were in search of our place.. god.. I expected a centered row n centered seat .. Hell man.. last 2nd row.. 3rd n 4th seats frm d corner.. (Such seats r gud 4 love-birds.. not us).. But thn.. had no option.. coz movie was abt to begin..
so we sat on d chairs we got.. n d movie began.. (Am I acting as if I was watchin d movie 4 d 1st time.. Well nope.. I had seen movies like Jurassic park n lost world.. wid my family.. :-) .. ) ..
God.. movie began wid sum hot clips.. I was wonderin.. is it really a 'A' movie.. man.. But d movie was'U/A'(hey a certificate is shown b4 any movie starts.. but still its Ram Gopal Verma's movie.. spicy 4 sure.. ).
So d movie PTKK.. oops.. 'vent I mentioned d name b4.. well it was " PYAAR TUNE KYA KIYA" starring Urmila (4 whom I came to see d movie) wid sum Fardeen Khan (who d hell 've any interest in him.. a monkey faced man..)

MY GOD am going crazy!!!!!!!!!! screamed my Angel again.. drawin all last two row's attention. (was tht d situation to scream abt.. tht d movie has began.. Hell I cud see tht.. my eyes were not closed.. paid 35/- not to sleep.. huh).
In the movie everything went well except Fardeen's entry I said who the hell wants him in this movie( Urmila is doing great) and at the same time Taz said WOW Fardeen he is so cute(stupid gal you dont know how much i hate him,i am feeling like strangling you to death.Ya if it was Aamir instead.. I wud've d same expressions as tht of hers..lol) But had to be sweet... aftral it was her plan tht made my dream cum true.. (Ohh com'on..a 9th std ga'l wont dream 4 any IIT or smth..).
D title track Pyaar tune kya kiya.. raised so many questions in my brain ..n my angel answered thm so well..(I wonder y dont she solve out our subject ques bank dis way..lol) .. Infact d whole movie was a hit..(Though a super flop..).
While it was d ending .. I felt like weepin .. movie's end made me emotional.. (My angel.. didnt even bother to see me.. as if 4 her.. d movie was important n not me).
Finally d movie ended.. n we stepped out discussing d weak points in d movie n gud ones too :P (Not to get naughty abt.. lol.)
I came drivin my white Kinetic to d hall.. (F9.. I had no License even.. so wht.. nobody checked d whole way.) ..So we said each other bye.. n promised to meet in school 2moro.. Actually it was sunday ..(but still we cud get d tickets ..jst 1/2 hrs bac.. Yippy..).
I came home by 3:20pm.. feeling so relaxed tht my mom n pa wud never ever sum to know abt this.. But...
Hey bhagwan.. on my gate (Tht time I used to live in a flat)..
my ......................................
....my neighbor standin on door.. (Hell.. wht is he doin here.. I felt as if my big B bac frm to home on his PL.. thank god again.. tht it was no1 frm my family) . My neighbor was in search of keys if his mom has left those wid us (Her mom was out too.. Wow.. y dont he too go n watch d same movie.. lol) . I nodded my face n said ' no bhaiya I dont 've ur keys.. Wonderin ..he enquired ..4 where was I...(Y dont he mind his own business.. is he my chowkkidar or wht..)..but still d trouble was not over.. might be he tell his mom n his mom to mine. .tht I was found out of home at such time.. cud 've proved worse 4 me... Smiling... n in cheerful tone ..I said ..I was at my frd's place who stays in d nexx buildin.. (Thanks to my bus stop.. helped me to've a new frd 4 me.. She was in APS stayin in nexx buildin of mine..sharing same bus stop..Yuhuuu..).. He went off n I entered in.. singing d melodious songs frm d movie PTKK..

Tht was a nice experience.. I changed n went on bed to take some rest.. Suddenly..d phone rang.. (hell man.. cant sum1 've a peaceful nap 4 a while).. It was my angel Taz... who called me bac to tell tht she has reached home safely (actually she went bac home viz auto.. so I only had asked her to ping me bac.)..For 20 mins or so.. we talked over d movie .. scene which we liked.. n ones we dont.. (Sum1 tell her. .I liked d whole movie.. even if I had to cry at d end.. lol).
Sumhow I killed my time. .n it was 7pm ..wen my mom n pa returned bac to home.. My mom took me in her arms as if I was 4 yr old child.. Mom's love.. so pure so divine.. i felt so relaxed..
Wen she asked ..wht I did d whole day alone.. I lied her.. was busy doing my assignments.. hell man.. Y am I liein to my own mother.. D thought was pinchin me inside. . but since my frd told me not to speak a word on dis matter. .I kept shut.I sudnt do tht.. aftrall my family has got full right on me. I had a sleepless nite.. I was full of fear.. n tears.. Suddenly mom came in ..got shocked to see my situation.. but I again lied her... tht I had a bad dream...
God ..how bad am I..?? Had a gloomy day.. met Taz in school..told her my situation.. I was not able to face my mom even.. tht was smth more killin thn Urmila's figure.. I've been admiring Urmila 4 maintaining herself so well. ).I told her. .tht i'l go n confess to my mom al tht dis evenin itself.. but was bound under her swear..
So mom accept this post as my confession..had no other way out to tell u (Though i know.. u'l never ever read it..but stil.).
This was jst not one of my naughtiness.. I even didnt tell u tht.. me n Taz had copied d test paper kept in d staff room.. b4 d exams only (Laughin n pity case.. d paper was changed b4 d exam itself ..poor we.. lol :D :D ). Didnt tell u.. tht I was d one who threw out hindi teacher's guide out in d school garden.. n also.. I was d one .. who used to sing songs in d class but never got caught..(Taz remember tht.. Pyaar ki Kasthi mai.. d song frm Kaho na Pyaar hai.. Hrithik.. my craze at tht time..lol).. n also wht we frds used to go in bus.. troublin ppl on roads.. hittin thm down wid chocks.. Didnt even tell u.. tht once I signed myself on ur behalf.. had a bad result in 5th std(class test) ..though I topped thn in finals....(Mom ur signatures r very easy to copy.. :p).. n many more..list seem to be endless..
Wud end it here.. Hey Taz baby..waitin 4 ur comments.. Hurrayyyyyyy !!! Now findin myself out of burden I was carrying since tht day.
Well to shock u baby.. my mo'm knows everythin.. Lol..
Wen I re-collect my school life.. I go mad. .had a splendid n best school life..one cud ever imagine to've... !!!

P.L. Ignore d grammatical errors :p


Monika Agrawal said...

Well.. wht a nice effort by me.. sorry cudnt resist myself to drop down d comments 4 it.. :P..

TaZz said...

i cant describe how touched i am with ur efforts..:)
really the way u narrated it was just simply awesome... inexplicable!

and it was u who took khanna mams hindi guide outta there!
lol monikaaaa i cant stop laughing!!! yaar she got soo mad!!! "where is my book kese bachche hian aapo log, cupboard me se le lete hain" lolss ohh my goshhhhhhhhhh

mom i thot i hav done bad things in skool... lekin u also..:D
vese i hav done worse things man..:) which i cant even confess in public, about which u know..:)
love u mon...

Ani said...

Wonderful narration... u surely were a naughty gal.. this is called takin advntg of technology..wht did ur mom had to say abt this..huh??? If these r few things which u confessed publicly m sure u must have done loads of other notorious activities...poor people around u.. ;) hmmm..wht do we say in hindi..haan "antar atma, kaafi jaldi jagrat hui tumhari" ..confessing after 6 yrs.. phew..sure tuk u a long time to build up the guts.. :D :D der aaye dudrust aaye.. keep bloggin its really fun goin thru dem.. especially ur comments btw the lines r too gud..

abhishek said...

u ve linked the events quite closely which we call finely knit framework .... ..... coming to the content ... it seems that u were very naughty in ur school days .... .... ..... but if i shud critically come to any conclusion than it wud be this ::

very very few people have that much courage to come up with so bold a confession ..n that too publicly

Mons' said...

Hmmmmm thanx Mr.Gupta..[:P].. 'knit framework'.. another new word 4 my dictionary.. lol

AbhiDilliwal said...

haha lol'z... thts interesting n pretty exciting story, yeah yeah ab donn "make such face" i know this is ur sacchi story.. (hehe i copied, :p thts fascinating part of her writing, in btw tags of "Well don't panic so much" , "every1 tries to be .. dont laugh.", " dont give me dis angry look while readin dis.." ) have to say yaar, nice framing while reading I felt like m seeing a motion picture.hmmm buss this is injustice haa not only 'man' but females too would read this... use of 'man' was exclusive ... aisa laga mano mujhey sunayi ja rahi hain :p... waisey was not tht hard to believe pata hain u very mischievous (but itni.. hehe) well thanks for sharing we too had fun reading ur story (farji.. hehe calm down baby sachi buss) :p
Abhishek Dilliwal (full name.. lol :D)

ashu said...

very goood efforts monika...
you really did very well again..
"Kabhi kabhi to believe hi nahi hota ki ye tumne likha hai"
when I finished to read this story I thought tht I watched a movie
which had a lot of suspence...
really nice work

angel_thtsme said...

Hey Mon.
Awesome. Just mind blowing.Trust me,jump into writting.Sure tht wud pay u more thn dis ENGG.;-).
God how u write all tht up.Koi magic aata hai kya?? So when is ur next post arriving.ME waiting.
Lots of love packed wid prayers.. Aalia

Neha said...

You Rock Monika dear.Mast story hai.I know you very well.Good at playing pranks.Why dont you add tht 6th std wala incident too. Plz mujhe datna maat ,is ke liye.
Go ahead & add more fun full posts.Take care.

ankit saxena said...

Great effort!!!
Well must say nice way of confessing once mistake.
Just too cool…n specially the narration n the element of surprise involved in it…
It also reveals tht u r a good thinker apart from being creative. ;)

Sneha said...

Monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn crazy .Lol Lol Lol.. u creative mind. No doubt. Imaginative ga'l. Fundoooooooooooooooooooooo. PTKK, made me to jump on my seat yaar !! Good work. Never knew ,a writer hidden inside.Explore it yaar. U can be next Chetan Bhagat 4 sure :P.. me not pranking. Loads n loads of love..ha ha ha

suruchi said...

hey jaaaaaaaan lovely story well plotted n catches till the end !!!!!!!!!

hmmmmm in college need to keep a check on uuuuuuuuuu

sheshi said...

hmm...firstlly was that movie A.....hehehehhehehhe

now seriosullyyyy thts was so cooll...i got 2 remem my days when i have bunkked classes an caught red handed :(... tht was really cool.... an quite a khichdi types..must say ur talented...try in moviess babes.... monika n her angel.... as in we all knw ur natorious bt now provess..hehehhehe

but d efort was worth proze winning... really very very goood...awesom... perfect 10/10

sheshi said...

an babes...tht part was really not fair u got d papers an mujeh nahi diye...bad bad bad...cheater.....

khanna mam k guide... wala guts 2 do tht...mujeh nahi pata tha u 2 were like tht....

Shilpa Sharma said...

hey congs yaar..too good job...well done..

rahul said...

shud say ...gr8 sense of narrating things,...a mere confession like this.Absolutely creative..keeps d reader intersted..all d time..!!!!!!!!also a dam gud THEME used....
WELL DONE n congo ...superb skills shown..!!!
waiting for more 2 cum in future,....

Kamiya said...

wwwwwoooooowwww.....tht was really amaizing dear,.............
i really liked it a lot.....................

siya said...

a truly innocent confession monika....i didn't know this incident before but loved readng d entire.....that really shows ur obedience n respect towards ur parents....gud one :-)