Saturday, November 10, 2007

The SuCCeSS Mantra..

Success comes to those who work 4 it. But PaSSion makes d world go around.
Passion-Passion, for wht u r doin in important. It is d secret of success. More thn academics degree or study courses, I believe this helps. You've to be passionate abt wht u r doing, frm tht comes the
dedication, focus, hard work and concern for quality tht make u successful. Thts goes even for enterprises, private jobs, etc.

Might be wondering, y such a thoughtful post instead of lively ones as b4..
Jst becoz, my exams on d way :p


AbhiDilliwal said...

very well said mam... its juss not gettin degree 1 shud be passionate of what he's doing...btw nice posting :p

ketki said...

hey monika this indeed was a dep thought u the way how were ur xams?
i hopw u fared well .......

Shekhu said...

how can one follow your blog :-? is it disabled :-?

Abhishek said...

when is ur next post commin.. :p