Sunday, November 20, 2011

CSR: A Social Mission Creating Societal –Value Creation!

It is a fact that CSR activities are accelerating at a rapid pace and about 90% of all major corporate firms are involved in these activities. Another surprising but welcoming sight is that the private sector is making its presence felt in CSR activities than the public sector. They work on issues relating to health care, education, women’s empowerment, slum improvement, etc. Most of the companies have a formal policy to hold out CSR activities as internal projects, and a proportion is accorded to the NGOs as direct financial assistance.

I have been volunteering for promoting social causes since my college times. And when I landed in Accenture, I could use the opportunity to leverage my knowledge and experience here in various CSR initiatives. It gives me immense satisfaction to help others and support them in shaping their lives in better way.

My very first experience started with plant sapling at Dr. Reddy's foundation club followed by Devnar-a school for blind but phenomenal children- experience to Ashray-Akruti- organization working for hearing impaired and unprivileged children. The journey so far has been full of learning and different experience.aping their lives in better way.
There are so many ways to return to mankind. In addition to monetary help, there are other ways to do charity and support less privileged. Love Your Neighbour-Chapter- Hyderabad India- a program I have started in guidance with Katie Spears from Martin country.
The motive is to provide a platform to connect and show our love for our neighbours.
Every month we will plan to help families who are experiencing hardship by preparing and delivering dinner meals or collecting items and/or gift cards for donation.
You too can help families with basic co

LYN is a non-profit start-up in Hyderabad, which allows you the ways to join this movement of bringing real change in lives of many.mmodities, kids with books, old ones with care and much more.

..You can help as many families as you want on a continuous basis thereby ensur
ing that their specific needs are met and they improve overall on a consistent basis. We always think of giving back to the society, to do something for “Social Service”, but we are never able to channelize our efforts and time in an organized and sustained basis. So energize yourself and use today’s day and age technology, which allows you to work through LYN online from your home or workplace. You can regularly update the details of the needy families around you, and we will support you online through the NGO network to enable you to ensure that their needs are met through relevant NGOs with expertise in the field. If you are keen, you can also support through your efforts in the field when you can spare the time individually or through your friends and associates.

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